Friday, March 14, 2014

Perfect Dress

A perfect dress includes elements right from the top i.e. beginning from the neckline till the end of the dress, where the dress is cut across.  The perfect should not only make you look fashionable but also accentuate the best parts of your body no matter what your body type is.  Thus, we analyze the different parts of the dress and what makes it look perfect.

The Body Type

Before you plan to buy a dress for yourself you have to understand your body type.  You can do this by standing in front of the mirror and trying to sketch an outline of your body in your mind.  It will generally be one among the following body types:
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hour Glass
  • Lean Column
Continue reading and you will understand why the body type is so important for choosing the perfect dress.


For someone of the Pear or Apple body type, you can go for a Round or Bateau neckline.  This will allow your bust to look proportionate with the rest of the body.
For the Hour Glass or Lean Column kind of body type, a Sweetheart or Off-shoulder would accentuate the bust and give it shape.
You can also go for a V-neck and Keyhole type of neckline as well depending upon the rest of the dress.


A Natural waistline is what most women look out for because no matter what kind of body type you have, a natural waistline will help accentuate your hips and make them look fuller, especially if you look skinny.
If you have an Hour Glass body type either on the heavier or the slimmer, you can also go for an Empire waist which is becoming very popular these days.
The Princess Seam is also very beautiful and looks good on people who are naturally endowed with fuller hips.


Full sleeves are a thing of the past and even if you plan to go for one, then you should prefer the 3/4th length sleeves.
Otherwise the sleeves in vogue are Cap sleeves and Butterfly sleeves.  These look perfect with almost any kind and any length of dress.
Another style of sleeves designers have revived recently and become very popular are the Puff sleeves.  If you are the Inverted Triangle type of body or even the Apple type, these will suit you well.

Dress Cuts or Silhouettes

There are various dress cuts which you can consider for a perfect dress but it should complement your body type.
The Straight cut or Shift as it is fondly called is perfect for the Inverted Triangle or The Hour Glass body type.
The A-Line suits all because it accentuates the bust and gives the hips a proportionate shape.
The Tent is the most popular cut among because it suits the Apple, Pear, Full Hour Glass or just about any body type.

The Perfect Dress

The perfect dress should be the best combination of the above attributes and it should look good on a particular body type.
The most classic dress type that appeals to everyone is the Round neck, Princess seam, Tent dress.  It looks beautiful on body types like the Inverted Triangle, Hour Glass or even the Pear.
The casual kind of dress that you can wear for almost any occasion would be a Round or V-neck Shift dress, cut till the thighs.  It almost always suits the Lean Column and the Hour Glass.
The last type of dress you can go for if you are Apple, Pear or Inverted Triangle is the Off-shoulder or Halter A-Line dress till below the knees.  It is beautiful and pretty.
Thus, we can say that a perfect dress is a combination of different elements, some part of the dress, some part of your body, so choose the one which suits you the best.

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