Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Types of Dress Cut

The type of dress cut is as important for a dress as the neckline.  The dress cut can make you look fat or skinny depending upon what your body type is and how you want to look.  The dress cut type is also important because it makes the particular kind of dress comfortable to wear for a specific body type.  In fact, you can choose what kind of dress is suitable for you to wear and look good just by looking at the dress cut type.  The following are some the most common types of dress cuts in vogue today:

Empire Waist

  • It is characterized by a waistline which is well above the normal waistline of the body
  • The part of the dress below the waist lightly hugs the hips and falls till the legs
  • It is best for the pear shaped body type or even those who want to accentuate the bust or the hips

Princess Cut

  • This has a well-defined bust area and less prominent hips and thighs section
  • It is best suited for the body types with excess fat on the hips and legs because it accentuates the hips and lets the rest of the body retain its natural shape
  • True to its name, it is more of a bridal dress, though can be worn as an evening dress or for sophisticated parties

Basque or V-Waist

  • It has a distinct V-cut from the neckline to the waist where it ends and the skirt begins
  • It is suitable for skinny types who want to accentuate the hips or for the body types with a short upper torso
  • This particular type has evolved from the Basque of the 1920’s but still retains a rather tightly fitted waist

The Bias Cut

  • This is characterized by a diagonal cut at the end of the dress
  • The fabric is generally made out of a stretchable material and owing to its cut hugs the body at all parts of the dress
  • This type of dress cut is best suited for extremely well-toned and curvaceous body types

Halter Cut

  • Although this comes in various types, the most common characteristic is that it will have a narrow neck sleeveless cut
  • Since it has a backless cut, it exposes the back and the shoulders and specifically accentuates the bust
  • It is perfectly suited for slim body types who want to accentuate the bust area

Wrap Cut

  • As the name indicates, the dress literally wraps around the body and generally comes with a band to fasten it to the waist
  • It is well-suited for different body types including ones the on the more

heavy side

  • The wrap cut accentuates not only the bust but also the hips; the wrap around the waist separates the two and gives a distinct shape to the body


  • These are casual dresses which are straight cut and less flowing on the body
  • It is suited for almost all body types and can be worn just like a top with a skirt or a pair tights below

Drape Cut

  • The drape cut hangs loose on the body of the wearer in pleats and provides an extremely sensual style statement
  • This is more suited for those body types with natural curves especially ones the heavier side; skinny body types might look skinnier

Sheath Cut

  • This is an elegant dress cut which is characterized by full sleeves and a very high neckline
  • Since it hugs the waist, it helps accentuate the hips and the bust and is especially suited for pear or apple shaped body types

Full Skirt

  • This is shaped like a skirt which starts right from the neckline
  • This unusual dress cut is similar to the Empire Waist but looks lovely on all body types

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