Friday, March 14, 2014

Perfect Dress

A perfect dress includes elements right from the top i.e. beginning from the neckline till the end of the dress, where the dress is cut across.  The perfect should not only make you look fashionable but also accentuate the best parts of your body no matter what your body type is.  Thus, we analyze the different parts of the dress and what makes it look perfect.

The Body Type

Before you plan to buy a dress for yourself you have to understand your body type.  You can do this by standing in front of the mirror and trying to sketch an outline of your body in your mind.  It will generally be one among the following body types:
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hour Glass
  • Lean Column
Continue reading and you will understand why the body type is so important for choosing the perfect dress.


For someone of the Pear or Apple body type, you can go for a Round or Bateau neckline.  This will allow your bust to look proportionate with the rest of the body.
For the Hour Glass or Lean Column kind of body type, a Sweetheart or Off-shoulder would accentuate the bust and give it shape.
You can also go for a V-neck and Keyhole type of neckline as well depending upon the rest of the dress.


A Natural waistline is what most women look out for because no matter what kind of body type you have, a natural waistline will help accentuate your hips and make them look fuller, especially if you look skinny.
If you have an Hour Glass body type either on the heavier or the slimmer, you can also go for an Empire waist which is becoming very popular these days.
The Princess Seam is also very beautiful and looks good on people who are naturally endowed with fuller hips.


Full sleeves are a thing of the past and even if you plan to go for one, then you should prefer the 3/4th length sleeves.
Otherwise the sleeves in vogue are Cap sleeves and Butterfly sleeves.  These look perfect with almost any kind and any length of dress.
Another style of sleeves designers have revived recently and become very popular are the Puff sleeves.  If you are the Inverted Triangle type of body or even the Apple type, these will suit you well.

Dress Cuts or Silhouettes

There are various dress cuts which you can consider for a perfect dress but it should complement your body type.
The Straight cut or Shift as it is fondly called is perfect for the Inverted Triangle or The Hour Glass body type.
The A-Line suits all because it accentuates the bust and gives the hips a proportionate shape.
The Tent is the most popular cut among because it suits the Apple, Pear, Full Hour Glass or just about any body type.

The Perfect Dress

The perfect dress should be the best combination of the above attributes and it should look good on a particular body type.
The most classic dress type that appeals to everyone is the Round neck, Princess seam, Tent dress.  It looks beautiful on body types like the Inverted Triangle, Hour Glass or even the Pear.
The casual kind of dress that you can wear for almost any occasion would be a Round or V-neck Shift dress, cut till the thighs.  It almost always suits the Lean Column and the Hour Glass.
The last type of dress you can go for if you are Apple, Pear or Inverted Triangle is the Off-shoulder or Halter A-Line dress till below the knees.  It is beautiful and pretty.
Thus, we can say that a perfect dress is a combination of different elements, some part of the dress, some part of your body, so choose the one which suits you the best.

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Impress Your Husband

They key to impressing your husband is to wear the right dress with the right makeup to constitute a visual treat.  Of course, your accessories should be chosen to suit the occasion.  The rest is all about the perfect time you decide to approach him.  The following tips will surely help you floor your husband even after years of marriage.

The Dress

This is most important aspect of your attire and the first thing your husband will notice.  So make sure your dress fits your body well, makes you look curvy and voluptuous at the same time.
Go for a halter or off-shoulder type of dress cut, giving your husband a lot of skin to see and feel.  Ideally, the dress should be cut at the thighs, either ending in frills or as the classic straight cut.  Also, care to go for a lacy design if you care for that extra oomph factor.

Side Slit Maxi Dress
Some husbands prefer elegance over sensuality, and truly, there is sensuality in elegance as well.  Thus, go for a modern interpretation of the Prom dress with halter necks and a leg slit for that necessary skin show that is just enough to get his eyes roving.
If he is of the adventurous type then nothing should stop you from getting a babydoll type dress or an open leather chemise.  Nothing beats the baby-doll and G-string combination if you want to get things steaming in your bedroom.

The Makeup

Never tie up your hair, let it flow over one of your shoulders loose.  This offers essential skin show and also makes your makeup and accessories visible.
The sultry smoky eyes is the best look for almost any kind of dress and any kind of mood.  Do not go overboard with the look by limiting the radius of smudge around the eyes and also wear a color other than black.
If you do not naturally have a pout, then create an impression of a pout by highlighting your lips in red or pink.  This is a big turn-on for men and they love lipstick stains on their shirts.
Do not forget to do your eyelashes also because they work their magic when you look at him with the most romantic of intentions.
Highlight the best parts of your face with a dull but shimmering color, especially your cheeks, chin and your temple.
If you do not want your hair to be loose, tie it up in a bun and let a few strands fall on the sides.  It makes for an extremely sexy look, if your man isn’t for the straight hair look.

The Accessories

First of all, you should have very few or extremely light accessories on you.  Too much jewelry can be a major turn-off if you have done everything else perfectly.
Avoid wearing anything around the neck, unless it is a necklace your husband had gifted you on your anniversary.
Wear studs or small earrings to let the rest of your makeup show.  Wearing a pair diamond or gold earrings should be enough because most husbands do not like a woman’s accessories getting in the way of love.
Wear a bracelet or wristband.  This can, in no way distract your husband and still end up accentuating your overall look.

Follow the tips above and make your husband fall head over heels for you all over again.  For some couples, the tips above are enough to start a fire in your often boring lives.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Current Dress Trends

The year 2013 has just ended and the New Year has begun with a bang as far as fashion trends are concerned.  The last year saw some rebellious fashion trends such as fine art inspired blazers and tunics as well as full sheer dresses that leave little for the imagination.  The coming year will see more suppressed trends in fashion design with floral patterns which are vibrant and sunny, not forgetting ankle-length pants which are back in vogue again.
Some of the most talked about style statements that are currently trending are:

Pleated Skirts

This is exactly the kind of skirt you would expect to see on a school-girl but much more fashionable and made out of anything but cotton.  These are perfect for occasions like:
  • A tea party
  • A night out with friends
  • Even for a day out shopping with friends

    Riveted Pleated Faux Leather Black Skirt


The usual sportswear you were wearing to your fitness regimes last year has just been revamped.  Bright and bold designs, including a bit more display of skin has taken over the younger generation with a storm.  The best places to sport it would be:
  • Gym
  • Club
  • Yoga
  • Jogging

    bebe Sport Corset Crop Cami

Ankle-Length Pants

Yes, the ankle-length pants have come back and that too with a bang.  They are available in all possible solid and patterned colors as well as all possible materials like cotton, Lycra and denims.  Perfectly suited for:
  • Casual wear
  • Office uniforms
  • Pubs and discotheques

    Spirit Animal Pant

Bermuda Shorts

They were a rage when they had come out some time in the 90’s.  We can see the same kind of excitement again for Bermuda shorts again this year.  This time, the colors are suppressed and are mostly trending in blacks and whites.  They can be used for:
  • Beach wear
  • Casual wear


Floral designs have already come in early for the year but they are already selling like hot cakes.  The floral patterns come in all types of designs and patterns and this year, have been incorporated in jackets, blazers, pullovers, skirts and shirts alike.  They can be worn at occasions like:
  • A wedding
  • A party
  • A day out with friends


Sheer is a very versatile material that can be made into dresses, tunics or even skirts which hug the body and accentuate the particular body type.  Many designers have been using it in their offerings and some of the most common places you can wear it to are:
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Restaurant

Artistic Hues

Just like an artist uses his imagination to paint the world on a canvas, fashion trends show that designers are using the same approach to design their dresses.  They are using pastel colors in varied art inspired dresses, which are anticipated to become the trend of the season.  They can be worn for:
  • High society parties
  • Film and television after-parties
  • Casual wear

Sweat Pants

Girls have dumped their age-old tights and yoga pants and gone for something classier this year.  Sweat pants in various designs and colors can be seen everywhere being paired with tops and shirts and oozing with style quotient.  Some places you can wear them and grab some attention are:
  • Shopping
  • Workouts
  • House warming parties

Sports-inspired Tops

If guys can do it then why not the girls can do?  Sports jerseys have always been a guy’s thing but that is a thing of the past now.  Girls are equally interested in sports and it doesn’t matter because tops are being manufactured by most brands now keeping the new age woman in mind.  Although they can be worn anywhere, some of the places we recommend wearing them to can be:
  • Sports matches at pubs and bars
  • A friends place
  • Casual wear

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Know Your Wedding Dress

The objective of the wedding dress or wedding gown is to make the bride look exceptionally beautiful and attractive.  It should highlight the best parts of the body type of the bride leaving a lot for the imagination.  It is generally a halter cut dress with a long flowing skirt at the bottom.  Choosing a wedding dress for yourself can be a daunting task, and that is why we deal with some of the most common terms you should know about it, making your choice easy and perfect.

The Types of Necklines

The neckline is of utmost importance to a wedding dress because it provides the dress with a character and shapes the body type to fit the occasion yet be comfortable to wear.  The most common types are:
  • Sweetheart – It is an off-shoulder cut which is contoured at the bust and plunges down from the neckline, perfectly suited for most body types.

    A-Line Sweetheart Chapel Train Satin Wedding Dress

  • Straight Across – The neckline cuts horizontally over the bust cover most of it and allow less exposure, suited for body types on the heavier side.
  • Semi-sweetheart – This is similar to the Sweetheart but exposes less of the bust.

The Types of Silhouettes

The lower part of the dress down the waistline defines the overall look of the wedding dress and how gorgeous the look should be.  The popular choices are:
  • Ball gown – It flares around the waist substantially and spreads across a lot of area, very gorgeous and perfect for most body types.

    Ball Gown Sweetheart Chapel Train Sleeveless Tulle Wedding Dress For Brides

  • A-line – Its diameter is more restricted and the pleats of the dress form an ‘A’, extremely beautiful for those on the slimmer side.

    A-line Sweetheart Court Trains Sleeveless Taffeta Wedding Dress For Brides

  • Trumpet – The dress hugs the body closely till the thighs and then flares around the legs, giving a very slim and exquisite look.

    Trumpet/Mermaid Halter Chapel Train Satin Lace Wedding Dress

The Types of Waistlines

The waistline separates the bust from the hips and lends a strong look and feel to the wedding gown.  The ones that you should go for are:
  • Empire Waist – It starts high just below the bust and is perfect for a pear or apple shaped figure.

    Empire V-neck Court Trains Sleeveless Satin Wedding Dress For Brides

  • Basque Waist – It begins at the natural waistline but plunges down giving a very traditional look to the wedding dress, chosen by most body types.
  • Natural Waist – It is a straight cut waistline that goes well with almost any kind of dress and body type.

Sleeve Style

  • Sleeveless – Most women prefer this style because it is perfectly suited for the occasion and the wedding dress also.
  • Sleeved – Women who wish to expose less could go for short sleeves but long sleeves are passé and should be avoided.

Dress Length

The dress length depends upon the dress cut and the neckline but some common types are:
  • Floor Length – It lends a majestic character to the dress and makes the bride look fuller even if she is of a slim body type.
  • Ankle Length – Some brides prefer to show a bit of the ankle and the shoes while making the wedding dress more manageable.
  • Tea Length – It is almost between the ankle and the knees and is inspired from sophisticated tea parties, thus has a playful yet gorgeous look to it.


  • Panel – The train starts from the waist and flows across the length of the dress.
  • Court – It is an extension to the skirt of the dress and most commonly preferred.
  • Sweep – It is a more restricted form of the former and extends enough to sweep over the floor around the bride’s feet.


The following are some of the most preferred fabrics used for a wedding dress:
  • Silk – The most exquisite and majestic fabric that can be used for the wedding gown.
  • Satin – Similar to the former but cheaper and lighter.
  • Organza – It is extremely light yet looks and feels like satin.
  • Tulle – It is not used completely in a wedding gown, rather to make parts of it like the head-dress.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Types of Dress Cut

The type of dress cut is as important for a dress as the neckline.  The dress cut can make you look fat or skinny depending upon what your body type is and how you want to look.  The dress cut type is also important because it makes the particular kind of dress comfortable to wear for a specific body type.  In fact, you can choose what kind of dress is suitable for you to wear and look good just by looking at the dress cut type.  The following are some the most common types of dress cuts in vogue today:

Empire Waist

  • It is characterized by a waistline which is well above the normal waistline of the body
  • The part of the dress below the waist lightly hugs the hips and falls till the legs
  • It is best for the pear shaped body type or even those who want to accentuate the bust or the hips

Princess Cut

  • This has a well-defined bust area and less prominent hips and thighs section
  • It is best suited for the body types with excess fat on the hips and legs because it accentuates the hips and lets the rest of the body retain its natural shape
  • True to its name, it is more of a bridal dress, though can be worn as an evening dress or for sophisticated parties

Basque or V-Waist

  • It has a distinct V-cut from the neckline to the waist where it ends and the skirt begins
  • It is suitable for skinny types who want to accentuate the hips or for the body types with a short upper torso
  • This particular type has evolved from the Basque of the 1920’s but still retains a rather tightly fitted waist

The Bias Cut

  • This is characterized by a diagonal cut at the end of the dress
  • The fabric is generally made out of a stretchable material and owing to its cut hugs the body at all parts of the dress
  • This type of dress cut is best suited for extremely well-toned and curvaceous body types

Halter Cut

  • Although this comes in various types, the most common characteristic is that it will have a narrow neck sleeveless cut
  • Since it has a backless cut, it exposes the back and the shoulders and specifically accentuates the bust
  • It is perfectly suited for slim body types who want to accentuate the bust area

Wrap Cut

  • As the name indicates, the dress literally wraps around the body and generally comes with a band to fasten it to the waist
  • It is well-suited for different body types including ones the on the more

heavy side

  • The wrap cut accentuates not only the bust but also the hips; the wrap around the waist separates the two and gives a distinct shape to the body


  • These are casual dresses which are straight cut and less flowing on the body
  • It is suited for almost all body types and can be worn just like a top with a skirt or a pair tights below

Drape Cut

  • The drape cut hangs loose on the body of the wearer in pleats and provides an extremely sensual style statement
  • This is more suited for those body types with natural curves especially ones the heavier side; skinny body types might look skinnier

Sheath Cut

  • This is an elegant dress cut which is characterized by full sleeves and a very high neckline
  • Since it hugs the waist, it helps accentuate the hips and the bust and is especially suited for pear or apple shaped body types

Full Skirt

  • This is shaped like a skirt which starts right from the neckline
  • This unusual dress cut is similar to the Empire Waist but looks lovely on all body types