Sunday, December 29, 2013

Body Type and Dress Style: Dressing for your body type

Your body type not only decides the dress style you should have and the type of dress you should buy, but also how you should dress up.  Even though you have determined your dress style you may forget some important points to look good for an occasion.

The Inverted Triangle Body Dressing

  • Avoid broad necklines
  • Wear straight cuts
  • Avoid wearing anything that accentuates your shoulders

The Lean Column Body Dressing

  • Wear dresses to enhance curves around your busts and hips
  • Avoid square necklines
  • Avoid tight dresses

The Rectangle Body Dressing

  • Wear dresses that enhance your hips
  • Avoid baggy and ill-fitting clothes
  • Avoid heavy belts or anything heavy at the waist

The Apple Body Dressing

  • Wear straight-cuts and slightly fitted dresses
  • Wear anything that makes the shoulders heavy
  • Avoid wearing dresses above knee length

The Pear Body Dressing

  • Wear anything that makes your shoulders look broad
  • Avoid revealing too much of your thighs
  • Avoid fitted trousers

The Perfect Hour Glass Body Dressing

  • Wear body hugging clothes
  • Avoid ill-fitting dresses

The Full Hour Glass Body Dressing

  • Avoid straight-cut dresses
  • Wear clothes that reveal your cleavage

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